Refcomp SW Semi- hermetic Screw Refrigeration Compressors include SW3H Series and SW3L Serieswith 28 models.Displacement:118- 700 m3/h (@ 50Hz), Nominal Power: 30- 240HP.Both SW3H and SW3L are for medium- high and lowtemperature refrigeration respectively, down to - 50℃ . Applicable freon refrigerants including R22, R134A, R507A, R404A, R407C.

Product features

●Asymmetric screw rotor designed by RefComp, loberatio profile 5/6, excellent lubrication, perfect meshingbetween teeth, smooth and quiet operation.

●Small size, filter, cut- off valve, and temperature sensorare integrated into the compressor body. Optimizeddesign , less space required.

●Motor protection module provides reliable protectionagainst motor overheating, phase reversal and phase loss.

●Real- time tracking provides the operation status of themotor and system.

●Multiple duplex bearings are able to avoid rotor axial /radial wear, resulting in high load and low noise.

●Embedded suction filter.

●Solenoid valve conducts capacity control, with step orstepless, in line with full or partial load.

●Unique structure and space design, using subcooledrefrigerant gas between suction shut- off valve and theinlet side of the screw to effectively cool down the motor.

●Suction/discharge shut- off valves are able to reverse360° , which is easily installed with flexibility.

Application scope


SW Technical Parameter List