SRS-08L Semi-hermetic Single-stage Screw Compressor

Features of SRS semi-hermetic single-stage screw compressor

●“I”type patented profile, best lobe ratio of 5+7,high efficiency.

●Compact structure: filter, shut- off valve, temperature sensor, and oil flow switch are integrated;

●Tailor- made materials are specifically used for NH3.

●Packaged with the permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency motor, which regulates the rotor speed to improve the operation efficiency of the compressor.

●Vi stepless control: manual or automatic.

●Capacity control: step or stepless.

●Embedded 100μm suction filter: remove the impurities of the refrigerant and protect the motor.

●High- efficiency cooling is achieved through refrigerant circulation to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the motor.

Comparison of Exhaust Volumes of Semi-hermetic Single-stage Screw Compressors


Technical Parameters of SRS Semi-hermetic Single-Stage Screw Compressor