134-S-160/180/210 Screw Compressor

RefComp 134- S series are the refrigeration compressors exclusively for R134a, including 14 models, displacement 270-1100m3/h, nominal power 70- 300HP, compact design, low noise, high efficiency, various models and easy installation. They Can meet various requirements from manufacturers to make their own high- efficiency, advanced refrigeration or heat pump systems.

Product features

● Screw compressors exclusively for R134a. Asymmetricscrew rotor designed by RefComp,tooth profile 5/6,excellent lubrication, perfect meshing between teeth,smooth and quiet operation of the compressor.

●Small size, filter, cut- off valve, and temperature sensors are integrated into the compressor body. Optimized Design, less space required.

●Motor protection module provides reliable protection against motor overheating, phase reversal and phase loss.

●Real- time tracking provides the operation status of the motor and system.

●Multiple duplex bearings are able to avoid rotor axial /radial wear, resulting in high load and low noise.

●Embedded oil separator.

●Multi- step separation, oil efficiency as high as 99.85%.

●Embedded 100μm high- density suction filter, easy to replace.

●Unique structure and space design, using subcooled refrigerant gas between suction cut- off valve and the inlet side of the screw to effectively cool down the motor.

●Suction/discharge shut- off valves are able to reverse 360° , which is easily installed with flexibility.

●Capacity control with or without step.

Application scope


134-S Technical Parameter List